Nothing But The Truth / Rodney Perry

Straight from "The Monique Show," Rodney Perry delivers in this outrageous comedy filmed in Birmingham, Alabama. It's a stand up and shout performance as he talks about life, family and marriage.

44 and Still Ticking /Rodney Perry

The premiere of Off The Chain Presents: Rodney Perry was Bounce TV’s highest rated original program when it debuted in 2015 and now it’s available for download! Like the greats before him including Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx and Eddie Murphy, Rodney Perry joins the ranks of funnymen with albums that keep the laughs alive, indefinitely. The Off The Chain Presents: Rodney Perry comedy special is 60 minutes of side splitting funny, from fatherhood fodder, to big booty’s Perry unleashed the hilarious antics that occured in his life that had him laughing to keep from crying. Available now “44 and Still Ticking” is timeless humor.