God is Real

Its 7:09 Aug 17, 2012 — What I am about to share with you I have always know in my heart but now I know, know. There is a GOD!!! Im Talkin’ Jesus and the whole nine yards. Most folks need a near death experience to come to this revelation… NOT ME. Well I am forty and like I said in my heart I have always known and felt GOD. So here goes. Only people really close to me know this but I can be extremely absent minded, down right forgetful and I lose stuff all the time. So recently I misplaced my ATM card… I had not left the house that day so I chalked it up as misplaced and regulated myself to the fact that it will show up eventually (event 1). Yesterday my brother JT and I went to lunch after which we went to my house. I had a brief chat with my wife before she left then it occurred to me that I had misplaced my phone. I called my wife she said it wasn’t in her truck and to leave her the hell alone (actually she didnt say that) (event 2). So no I am trippin’ my ATM card has been gone for 5 days at this point and now I cannot find my phone. Now on top of all that I cannot find the charger to my camera. So, I do what I have always done as a guy that frequently loses things… I began to clean up. Cleaning will usually shake things loose. Two hours later no phone, no ATM card and no charger. The phone is paramount in my search so I am focusing on that. Im cleaning is yielding nothing. So I go to my other go to method when things are lost… I PRAYED. I know why bother GOD with such a minute prayer. I needed my phone who better to ask than the all knowing. I said these words (or something like it) … “Yo GOD, I don’t mean to be a pain but can you help me find my phone”, then I continued to clean. I picked up a bottle of something in my basement, then went up stairs; while up stairs something said look in your car again (9th time)… I did — NOTHING but now I am outside so I took the bottle that I had picked up in my basement and took it to the big trash can outside (past 4 trash cans in my house). As i threw away that bottle I noticed my phone in the trash can. I had thrown it in the garbage before I chatted with my wife.

At this point I’m like GOD I know that was you. It then occurred to me that I had not asked for help in reference to my ATM card. So right then I asked. Which brings me to the WHY of this Blog. I said GOD if you help me find this ATM card I will tell everybody (or something like that). I let it go until about 30 minutes ago. I am looking through my wallet and bam there it is. My ATM card behind another card. I am almost positive that I looked there, but right now that doesn’t matter, what matters now is that GOD answers prayers BIG or small. For the record I bought another charger for my camera…. I still ain’t trying to push my luck even though my father is a rich man. Remember when in doubt, PRAY. Trust me if it works for my phone and my ATM card it will work for you. Peace and God Bless to you and yours rp.

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